Crm Partner

Level 2 + JCG's Proven and Repeatable Action Plans including our 9x9 Video Plan, Open House Video Plan, Seller Video Plan, Buyer Video Plan, Website Registration Plan, and Transaction Management CRM Plans. You'll also receive all the email templates, fillable forms, and training materials that JCG agents use to provide the highest level of customer services and generate lifelong Raving Fans. ALL BRANDED TO YOU!

what to expect

Personalized and Professional video blog articles designed to showcase your local market knowledge, engage your audience, and keep you top of mind.

9x9 Video plan

JCG's systematic process of establishing relationships and strenghtening ties with prospects and leads. This system is used when you meet a new client or a lead is converted into a client.

Open House Video Plan

Designed to maximize your Open House lead generation by delivering value to every visitor and constantly staying in touch.

Seller Lead Video Plan

Never miss another listing opportunity with JCG's proven Seller Lead Touch Plan. Our value proposition is designed to demonstate your expertise and maximize your appointments set.

Buyer Lead Video Plan

Deliever knowledge and value at every step of the process to prove to your buyers that you are the trusted expert.

Website Registration Plan

A visit to your website is one of the hottest indicators that a client is looking to buy or sell. Our CRM captures the client's information, notifies you where they went on your website, and prompts you to communicate with templated touches to ensure you are deliving the highest level of service.

Transaction Management Action Plans

Guarentee that every client will receive the same level of service with JCG's transaction management action plans. From setting an appointment to receiving your commission check, we've built checklists for every stage to ensure you never miss a step.

getting started

request a demo
Our 14 day on-boarding period is designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible.  You'll begin by completing a 30 minute phone call with your Marketing Specialist to perfect your video topics, call-to-actions, graphics, and schedule your first filming session.  Within two weeks of signing up, you'll receive your first branded, personalized video blog designed to generate email subscribers and immediate action on your offers - such as requesting an appointment, downloading a buyer/seller guide, registering for an event, and more!