Video Marketing Partner

Level 1 + 2 Personalized Videos to accompany your blog posts. We write, film, and edit the videos. We also post the videos to your social media and distribute to your database via Bombbomb. Branded to YOU!

What to Expect

Personalized and Professional video blog articles designed to showcase your local market knowledge, engage your audience, and keep you top of mind.


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Our 14 day on-boarding period is designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible.  You'll begin by completing a 30 minute phone call with your Marketing Specialist to perfect your video topics, call-to-actions, graphics, and schedule your first filming session.  Within two weeks of signing up, you'll receive your first branded, personalized video blog designed to generate email subscribers and immediate action on your offers - such as requesting an appointment, downloading a buyer/seller guide, registering for an event, and more!